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Added-value modules

Added-value modules

Reflective support: Enables high quality inspection and defect detection on all reflective materials and inks

Clear-on-clear support: Enables easy and accurate defect detection on transparent film and labels

JobRef: Enables verification at the setup stage by automatically comparing the job to the original, customer-approved digital PDF file

MasteRef: Enables printers to save the mater image of each job, and verify that the repeating jobs are identical to the original

DigiMask: Enables use of the Die-cut PDF file for automatically defining labels or packages, as well as die-cut area or matrix location

Barcode verification: 100% verification of all printed barcodes. Checking and alerting for barcode decoding, barcode quality and ANSI grading

Barcode and Variable Data Verification: 100% verification of all 1D and 2D variable codes as well as human readable codes. All codes are inspected and verified against a database to alert readibility, quality, missing codes, duplications and sequence

In-line DeltaE: In-line DeltaE colour measurements and monitoring to assure colour consistency along the print run

Booklets inspection: PV/Helios II is equipped with enhanced capability to inspect the final booklet and label with the highest detection levels in one go!

ProMIS: Bi-Directional communication with MIS systems in the print production environment provides shorter setup and automation

Press Link: Recording press events in the PrintFlow reporting database for process improvement, quality assurance and downstream cleaning

PrintFlow Manager: PrintFlow Manager is a quality data management system. It provides production & quality managers remote access to all AVT PrintFlow databases installed on PrintVision 100% inspection platforms

iPrint: iPrint is a mobile application providing real-time remote access to Quality and Production info in printing and finishing lines via your iPhone or iPod

Marking/Ejectors Interface: Automatically triggers any marking or ejecting device to flag defective sections for downstream removal