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PV Helios II

PV Helios II

PrintVision/Helios II is the most advanced 100% Automatic Inspection solution for label and narrow web printing

PrintVision/Helios II is an innovative solution that delivers process control and 100% quality assurance capabilities throughout the entire print production workflow, from setup through printing to finishing.

Installable on any press and Rewinder, PV/Helios II identifies defects on labels as soon as they occur, thereby lowering waste, improving quality and providing 100% quality assurance.
The system detects every type of printing or finishing fault – color misregister, color variations, hazing, misprints, defect in the text, spots, splashes, die-cut problems, barcode problems, missing labels, and many other print problems.   
PV/Helios II and its added value modules are designed to support every step of the production process. Addressing the unique needs of each printing and production stage, PV/Helios II delivers 100% inspection 100% of the time.
Dedicated, Powerful Inspection Algorithms
PV/Helios II uses sophisticated algorithms designed to detect any type of defect. Additional dedicated algorithms have been developed in order to meet label specific needs such as character defect detection, die-cut miss-register, and matrix removal problems.
Ease of Use
PV/Helios II features a simple, intuitive user interface, designed with full touch screen compatibility. After a guided short set-up of around one minute or less, the system can be up and running with user-friendly screens and controls, helping operators to streamline the detection process from start to finish.


Any Substrate, any Application, any speed 
PV/Helios II sets the automatic inspection standard for printing, with the ability toinspect any substrate type – including transparent and reflective materials – as well as any label size or shape. PV/Helios II meets the requirements of all Label and Narrow-Web applications, across a spectrum of different industries, from the demanding Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries, to the mass production environment of Food and Beverage.
One system can do it all
PV/Helios II is available with a range of add-on modules to support diverse functions throughout the printing process. With its fully upgradeable configuration, PV/Helios II addresses the growing needs of each and every customer.
Built-in Archiving and Reporting
PrintFlow is a built-in module of PV/Helios II which enables the archiving of jobs and parameters, and features a complete reporting mechanism for all of its printed roll features. The reports include all relevant quality information, including defect types and location, images of detected defects, and other useful information. The reports can be used for process improvements and downstream roll cleaning.
Built-in features

  • Full control over Rewinder and finishing
  • Online indication of the amount of good material printed
  • Matrix and die-cut area locating mechanism
  • Special detection features for characters, die-cut register, and matrix peeling
  • Flexible detection control with 8 different thresholds, and the ability to create, save, and load inspection profiles
  • Built-in archiving and reporting

 Main benefits on Press

  • Cuts waste significantly
  • Immediately detects evolving defects
  • Eliminates re-printing and reduces over-printing
  • Increases productivity

Main benefits on Rewinder

  • Delivers 100% quality assurance
  • Automatically stops at defect location
  • Enables fast and easy roll clean up
  • Eliminates customer rejections