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Argus: The Leading Solution for 100% Process Control and  Quality Assurance

AVT's PrintVision/Argus is a unique combination of state-of-the art vision technologies, that enables the highest level of inline process control and Quality Assurance. Combining both array and line scan technologies into a single system,PrintVision/Argus puts the operator in total control and enables the production of the best quality prints.

When mounted onto any press machine, the PrintVision/Argus system provides print defect detectionby finding, notifying and recording various types of faults such as color variations, doctor blade streaks, hazing, misregistration, spots, splashes, and many more defects,and tracking them for downstream removal. Its unique flexible design supports high performance operation on every type of web substrate.

During production and throughout the finishing stages, PrintVision/Argus ensures early detection and traceability of all critical print production defects, thus significantly reducing waste and related production costs, and giving that important competitive edge and a rapid return on investment (ROI).


  • Provides complete print process control and Quality Assurance
  • Identifies print defects before they can be detected by the human eye, and immediately alerts the press operator
  • Traces all defects visible to the human eye, issues alerts and marks them for further handling
  • Easy to use, intuitive human interface
  • Supports all web press types and substrates
  • Supports end-to-end workflow
  • Offers wide range of added-value options


  • Dramatically reduces print waste and production costs
  • Prevents continued production with defects
  • Reduces levels of customer rejection
  • Assures consistently high print quality
  • Increases press productivity and utilization