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CRON World Class CTP Manufacturer


Hangzhou CRON Machinery & Electronics Co.,Ltd. has been always dedicated to development and production of pre-press technology since its founding in 1992.

Through 14 years of innovation and dedication, CRON “Caililong” laser imagesetter has already become a popular and well-known brand in pre-press industry. CRON ‘s development on CTP started from 2000, and has successfully introduced to the market several different types of CTP products, such as silver plate CTP, violet CTP, thermal CTP, and most recently UV-CTP, and now CRON is becoming a leading CTP developer in China.

Pioneering in China, CRON introduced first conventional plate CTP device (UV-CTP) with its wholly owned core technology at the end of 2008. As a major breakthrough in evolution, CRON’s UV-CTP was quickly accepted in the worldwide market.

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