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Horizon · From Printed Sheets to Finished Books · Muneki Ban from Horizon International at IGAS

Horizon presents nothing less than 21 end-to-end solutions, all targeted to different applications and all very real scenarios for the thousands of IGAS attendees.

In this film, INKISH talk to Muneki Ban from Horizon International.

He shows a setup that is actually two solutions. The first half is fed with up to B1 sheets, which are folded into typically 16-pages signatures, and where the signatures are moved to the pallet using a robot solution.

The second half of the setup in this film is where the signatures are placed in a machine gathering the signatures into book blocks, moved on a conveyor to the BQ500 binding solution, and finally, using a three-knife trimmer delivering finished books - and all handled with only one operator.

The solution can even be extended with AGVs that can drive the pallets from a printing press to the feeder and the folded signatures to the gatherer - simply amazing and extremely productive!


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