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HP Indigo Sustainability Program


Close the Loop is now the HP Indigo takeback and recycling partner.

Close the Loop shares HP and Currie Group’s zero-waste-to-landfill commitment for printing supplies,

whilst also exploring innovative ways to give new life to recovered materials.


As part of the program, participants will have the ability to return all used ink cans and ink tubes, as well as all BIDs and rollers, including Series 2, 3 and 4. Close the Loop can accept these on pallets together with cannisters to facilitate convenient returns to ensure customers are not using valuable space to store used products for extended periods of time.


To participate in the program, HP Indigo customers must first register their business with Close the Loop via the below register buttons or call, AUS: 1800 999 991, NZ: 0800 991 999.


Once registered, a Contact ID will be provided which must be used to book all collections.



We sincerely hope that this service will help our customers own journey towards sustainability and protecting the environment. We also hope this will help reduce waste handling and waste disposal costs for customers.


We appreciate the ongoing support and partnership in our shared environmental sustainability commitment.

Image by Boris Baldinger
Image by Shifaaz shamoon

About Close the Loop

Established in 2001, Close the Loop is a resource recovery and recycling company.Close the Loop have established a global reputation for providing creative end of life product  management services, specialising in post-consumer recycling (PCR).

More than just a recycling company, Close the Loop is a materials recovery company, giving new life to valuable resources.


Founded on a ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ brand promise, Close the Loop has established a network of thousands of collection points around Australia and New Zealand. End of life products are returned to the original manufacturer for re-use where possible.  If not, Close the Loop use a range of patented processes to recover all the materials from those products.  


These materials may be reused in the manufacture of the products, or turned into a range of new, innovative products. CtL also has businesses in the USA and Europe providing collection and materials recovery services related to the end of life management of imaging consumables.

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