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Training & Support

Service & Support

Currie Group provide phone support, remote log on support or site visit support if required. support is available during regular business hours and we also provide after hours support for emergency breakdowns.

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:30am- 5:00pm

Our toll free service support number:

1800 338 131

Or you can e-mail us with your enquiry using the form and we will ensure to get back to you within 24 hours.

Post Sales Support
Tradition of Excellence

We have a 70-plus year tradition of providing technical support of the highest standards to the graphic arts industry. Ongoing investment in technical training & development means that our technical team is kept up to date with the latest developments in technology.

Nationwide Service Team

We maintain a nationwide team of factory trained field service professionals who between them have in excess of 150 years of experience in the graphic arts industry. This team is a critical component of the "Integrated Print Solution" approach that we take when selling any piece of capital equipment. Whether it's installing or moving equipment, preventative or reactive maintenance of an electrical, mechanical or digital nature - you can be sure our team has the knowledge and the tools to complete the task in a professional and timely manner.

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You can be sure our team has the knowledge and the tools to complete the task in a professional and timely manner.


We understand that every print business, the customer base it serves, and the demands that it will place on a piece of capital equipment, is unique.

Spare Parts

We have an extensive range of spare parts for all of the products that we sell and support.

Service & Care Pack Agreements

We understand that every print business, the customer base it serves, and the demands that it will place on a piece of capital equipment, is unique. Therefore any "Integrated Print Solution" we provide needs to be supported in a way that is appropriate to: the type of equipment being purchased, how the equipment will be used and the criticality of the equipment to your business.


In our quest to provide flexible, meaningful and cost effective support, prior to any purchase, we will work with you to formulate a service agreement that will meet your specific requirements for post warranty support.

For high value items we generally recommend an "Extended Warranty". Available in parts only or parts & labour versions, an extended warranty is like an insurance policy as it provides protection against major failures or breakdowns for an agreed monthly fee.


Support Philosophy

Support Philosophy

Currie Group Service department are dedicated to creating the winning edge for our customers by providing the highest technological equipment and service, backed by a total company commitment to excellence in product and customer service.

All Currie Group Service technicians are factory trained - between them we represent over 300 years of experience.

The excellent support from our manufacturers and our extensive range of spare parts makes you feel at ease knowing we will have the part you require off our shelf. Whether it be a switch, bolt, or PCB we will have what you are after.

Whether it is electrical / mechanical / prepress / re-location of equipment / installation of equipment / preventative maintenance or even just some technical advice, our service department can help you. 

We at Currie Group are always looking at new ways of improving service to our valued customers, We are aware of how dependent your business has become on the uninterrupted operation of your equipment, hence we have tailor made Curriecare service agreements that best suit your business. A Curriecare service agreement will result in no unexpected charges for labour and parts. We will invoice you annually or we will come to an arrangement that best suits your business, There will be no additional labour charges for mechanical or electrical repairs carried out during normal working hours. All spare parts will be covered in the charge of Curricare.

Your company has had the foresight to invest in a quality product that has become a valuable part of your business. Ensure that you protect this valuable asset by allowing Currie Group service department to maintain your equipment.

HP Indigo 7K Digital Press_enviro_LO.jpg
Training Centre
Currie Training Centre
HP Indigo Certified Training Centre Logo

Currie Group is now offering standardised training courses in our state-of-the-art HP Certified Training and Demonstration Centre, located in Melbourne. We are proud to offer classes which range from the very basics for new Indigo press operators to advanced complex troubleshooting.

Currie Group and HP have designed a comprehensive training curriculum that provides knowledge and skills necessary to utilise the full capabilities of the HP Indigo digital solutions.

The training programmes emphasise hands-on practise in a professional learning environment.

The courses can also be designed to suit your specific needs, even including practical examples of your typical work.
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