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Horizon : Integrated Robot Solutions

The heart of any print shop or bindery is the people behind the machines—people who can produce high quality work that takes time to master. As experienced operators become harder to find and there are fewer people looking to replace them as they exit the industry, businesses need to make sure their highly skilled employees are focusing on meaningful work. Assigning simple, but time consuming tasks like palletizing signatures, hand-feeding book blocks, and offloading finished jobs is an inefficient use of their ability.

Horizon finishing solutions allow users to take advantage of robotic technology to perform these low-skill tasks and improve efficiency without increasing labor costs. Robots never miss a shift, never take a break, and love performing repetitive tasks. Shifting physically demanding tasks away from operators to a robotic system not only makes the workers happy, but also reduces the risk of work place injuries.

More compact than ever, the introduction of robots onto the production floor opens the door to a whole new world of possible configurations that reduce touchpoints. For example, running printers and finishing equipment near line and connecting the two separate process with a robot allows for fully automated production from blank sheet to finished job with zero touchpoints. No matter the size of your operation, there are robots that can be scaled to fit your needs. From stacking and banding business cards to fully integrated book production, Horizon can work with your business to find the best solutions. To learn more about how Horizon can help you increase production time while reducing labor costs and touch points, contact Currie Group


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