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Horizon Small Format AF-40 Series Buckle Folders

One Folder, 200 Small-Format Jobs

Folders dedicated to a single job are now a thing of the past as the high-level automation and user friendliness of AF-40 series folders allow operators to get more productivity from each folder.

AF-40 series folders are designed for small-format folding such as pharmaceutical or instruction manuals with highly automated features to minimise setup and changeover times.

Solution Highlights:

✅ Icon based, intuitive control panel

✅ Job recall function with 200 memory slots

✅ Wide selection of fold pattern presets (anything from single-fold, to multipanel zigzag, letter, or gate folds)

✅ High production speeds up to 180 meters per minute

✅ Position navigation feature for scoring/perforation roller

✅ Inspection and quality control devices for peace of mind

✅ Standing delivery option with batch kicker for easy counting

✅ Customizability with 3rd party integration for water scoring, banding or other applications


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