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HP Indigo and the Hershey Company bring women’s stories to life, one chocolate bar at a time

HP Indigo empowers brands to offer tangible connections, using packaging as a STORYTELLING platform. HP Indigo digitally printed packaging is an industry game changer. We have helped hundreds of brands and printing service providers enter new markets and win in uncontested spaces, from high value labels to folding cartons and flexible packaging.

The #HerForShe campaign, is being run in collaborating with HP Indigo and Brazilian print service provider Camargo Cia de Embalagens Ltda for a third time. Our shared goal is to support gender equality and celebrate women’s achievements in science, business, sports, activism, and music through the power of #HPIndigo digital packaging. Hershey honors exceptional women, and HP digital packaging platform tells their stories while inspiring the next generation.


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