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Industry supports CPX Printing & Logistics in flood recovery

When CPX Printing & Logistics lost $7m in damages and equipment in the Queensland floods, suppliers and local printers, including its long-time ally Currie Group, rose to the occasion, offering support and equipment that has seen CPX make a swift comeback.

It was during the first week of the crisis that Bennett contacted long-time friend Bernie Robinson, director of Currie Group, to assist with replacing the lost equipment.

“Prior to the flood, I had been talking to Bernie about upgrading our current equipment, and when he heard of our current plight, he offered his assistance almost immediately, inviting me to meet him in Melbourne to purchase a new Horizon BQ-500, Horizon StitchLiner Mark III and HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press. He didn’t hesitate – nothing was too much trouble for him,” said CPX MD, James Bennett.

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