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OMET RED Line - Innovative tissue converting machine


The RED Line is the innovative tissue converting machine designed by OMET to increase the production capacity and efficiency of the entire converting process. Thanks to a new servo-controlled cutting unit, specifically developed by OMET in order to reduce waste and time, this machine doubles the usual production, thus reaching more than 10.000 napkins per minute.

The folding units of the new RED Line are characterized by their double height, being in fact higher than the traditional ones. The stacks of product, after exiting the folding heads, pass through the new and innovative servo-controlled cutting blade, where they are cut again: this is how the production of the final product is doubled.

The RED Line is the result of a careful technological research with innovative and patented operating principles. The elimination of the vacuum helps to make the machine even greener, reducing energy consumption and optimizing the entire transformation process.


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