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Tango Signs rebrands and expands for future success

Tango Visuals has rebranded to Tango Signs to reflect the new direction the business is taking in wide-format printing. The new name represents the business expanding into larger premises to house bigger printing equipment.

Identical twin brothers, David and Andrew Tierney, established their printing business in 2015 after their employer went into liquidation.

Andrew’s graphic design background and technical web-to-print nous, and David’s sign and wide format print and installation experience are the foundation for the company’s success. David says as they are identical twins, the brothers divide their clients between them to avoid confusion.

A new vision

David says the move to rebrand represents the company’s growth and service to be all-encompassing. “Tango Visuals was born from an idea that we just wanted to provide as broad a service as possible,” says David. “We established Tango Visuals in 2015, but post-COVID, we shifted to more manufacturing because of a strategic staff hire.”

The injection of expertise led to the business producing more in-house fabrication and illumination work that was previously outsourced. The brothers invested in new equipment, and the new business moniker Tango Signs better reflected the company’s new offering.

“We still do a lot of soft graphics, and a lot of vehicle wraps and wall graphics, the traditional type stuff, but we thought Tango Signs was a good way to incorporate what we’re capable of these days,” said David.

Growth in square metres

When the brothers first set up shop, they took on the first available factory space that came along. David says that was out of a little old place in Bayswater, which they planned to remain in until they ‘burst at the seams.’ “Our little old factory in Bayswater just hung on for as long as it could, but we officially outgrew it last year and moved up the road with three times the space.”

The Canon Arizona purchase

The move signals new beginnings for Tango Signs, including the purchase of a Canon Arizona from Paul Whitehead, business unit manager – sign & display for Currie Group and a long-term friend of the Tierney’s. The new equipment will deliver a new level of printing technology for Tango and allow the business to meet these requirements for its clients.

Sprinter conducted this interview with David during the Arizona installation. The new flatbed printer was being bedded and installed in a new purpose-built, temperature-controlled room. David expected it would be up and running the following day. “We’re looking forward to seeing the efficiencies that a machine like that can give us and looking forward to seeing what we can create.”

“Traditionally, we had a major focus in the soft graphics space; however, as we grew, so did the demands of our regular client base.

“This led us into more and more fabrication and illumination, creating some impactful activations in the event space, along with some cool structural, painted and illuminated traditional signage, which is all manufactured from start to finish in-house.

Enhancing the future offering

David says the changes mean Tango Signs can enter a new phase of the business with a greater and broader offering for current and future clients. He says they have a strong team of experts that will lead them along this new path of business growth. “We are lucky to have a team constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve. Combined with an incredibly skilled in-house installation team, it has been the catalyst for our recent growth.

David says there’s been no magic formula. He believes they have been incredibly fortunate to have ongoing support from well-known national brands and a handful of extremely loyal customers who have been around from the beginning.

As for the name

Despite the obvious, David assures it isn’t because ‘it takes two to tango’, but rather the idea came to the brothers while they were watching a series on television with military references. And so, it’s a nod to the first letter of their surname.

“We landed on Tango. And then it stuck.”


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