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EFI Pro 32r+

Up your game with greater profitability and a strong competitive advantage - Business is good. But it could be even better. You could up your game. Add capacity. Profit from more throughput and faster turns. And ratchet up your capabilities. You have room for another printer, but can one printer be a game-changer? Yes, if it’s the 3.2-metre EFITM Pro 32r+ wide format roll-to-roll LED printer. EFI have designed it to be everything you need to be more competitive and profitable in an economical, all-in-one, production-level printer. For starters, you’ll add significantly more capacity — roughly up to 5,000 square metres per month. And you’ll be able to offer customers a wider range of applications — including white, textiles, and double-sided — on a wider range of substrates. All with lower running costs, thanks to better ink consumption and lower power bills. Put it all together, and the Pro 32r+ changes the playing field. It’s the one printer that will help you win more jobs, eliminate outsourcing, achieve faster turns, and confidently commit to larger capacity runs. Thanks to the robust and reliable EFI LED platform, it’s game on.

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