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Currie Group is proud to be a Fiery for Display Graphics Premier Partner. All Premier Partners complete relevant training and certifications every year across sales & service. This means they have the up-to-date knowledge of Fiery products to help you meet your specific needs. Plus the expertise and services to help you implement them most effectively. Introducing the Fiery® XF 7 digital front end to your wide or superwide print production is the easiest way to achieve superior colour results, gain maximum productivity, and profit from business insights-all with the unrivalled power of EFI™ Fiery Command WorkStation® digital print job management. As a digital print producer, you want the easiest route to the best colour and print quality, produced in the least amount of time. Operators need a workflow solution that is adaptable to cater for different job types, and allows them to automate repeat jobs and repetitive tasks. In a successful print facility, you need to be able to deploy both your technology and your workforce as flexibly as possible-plus you need to keep learning curves to a minimum. Fiery XF 7 delivers all that and more to your wide and superwide.

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