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Toyobo was founded in 1882 as a textile company, when it began its spinning and textile business. Toyobo continued to adapt to the changing needs of the times, drawing on core technologies in polymerization, modification, processing and biotechnology to expand their business fields and develop the kind of high-performance products. These product lines have been organised into three specialty business segments - Films and Functional Polymers, Industrial Materials, and Healthcare - in which growth and expansion are being prioritised. Toyobo have further identified "priority businesses" within these specialty businesses in which Toyobo has a particular strength, and which the company hope to nurture and develop into a core business. To accomplish this, Toyobo are concentrating business resources in order to accelerate growth. Toyobo actively pursue business alliances and/or technology injections to further enhance already strong businesses. The Toyobo Group seeks to become a manufacturer of high-function products, continuously creating new value by enhancing its core technologies.

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