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ABG’s new flexo technology sets new standards

Leading finishing equipment manufacturer, A B Graphic International (ABG), has announced the launch of its new flexo system. Designed to complement ABG's current flexo capabilities, in providing customers with the option to upgrade for enhanced performance and efficiency, the next-generation technology is set to redefine standards in the label printing industry, combining unprecedented speed with superior quality and ease of use.


The new flexo system is available for both full rotary and semi-rotary options, each seeing significant speed enhancements. The full rotary system, which features in ABG’s new Converter line, now operates at an impressive speed of 220m/min making it ideal for high-volume projects. The semi-rotary option, featuring in ABG’s flagship finishing machine, the Digicon Series 3, is tailored for digital customers, offering the fastest semi-rotary flexo head in the market at 90 metres a minute.

ABG's latest offering is not just about speed, it's also about precision, quality and ease of operation. The system's registration accuracy is within +/- 0.1mm and it features automatic impression settings, ensuring excellent print quality every time.

One of the key features of this new version is the sleeved system, specifically engineered to facilitate usability among operators. The sleeve is lighter than the existing ABG print cylinder at 350mm and is also beneficial for wider web widths (430 and 530mm), as the system is lighter and offers a convenient slide-in, slide-out option.

The new flexo sleeve system also features automatic impression improving ease of use, operator ergonomics and provides improved print quality.

Matt Burton, ABG’s global sales director, said: "ABG is committed to constantly innovating and improving our offerings to ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry. This new flexo technology, first showcased at Labelexpo 2023, is set to offer our customers unparalleled print quality and improved registration at higher speeds. By elevating our Digicon and Converter solutions, we're not just keeping pace with industry demands, we're setting new benchmarks."

ABG's new flexo sleeve system is a testament to the company's dedication to innovation and excellence in the printing industry. By offering improved speed, quality, and ease of use, ABG continues to support its customers' needs, reinforcing its position as a market leader.


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