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Carbon8 upgrades its HP Indigo 12000

The premise of Australia’s most awarded digital printer, Carbon8, has always been about taking the thought bubbles of the most creative marketing and design geniuses and turning these ideas into a ‘in real life’ printed reality.

To ensure Carbon8 remains at the forefront when it comes to producing high quality, beautiful and unforgettable printed products, co-owners Kenneth Beck-Pedersen and Peter Musarra have upgraded their HP Indigo 12000 to bring it in line with the technical capabilities of the new HP Indigo 15K Digital Press.

It also deepens Carbon8’s connection with HP Indigo technology and Currie Group, the exclusive distributor of HP Indigo technology in Australia and New Zealand. Carbon8’s alignment with Currie Group and HP began in the early 2000s when Kenneth and Peter’s love affair with HP Indigo started with the purchase of a second hand 3050 in 2007. A new A3-sized HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press followed and then in 2019, they became the first printer in NSW to install a B2-sized HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press.

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