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CMYKhub and Currie Group announce multi-press deal at drupa

Article courtesy of Sprinter.

CMYKhub has announced the purchase of multiple Canon Colorado M Series with FLXture in partnership with Currie Group at drupa.

“This purchase highlights our commitment to Canon technology, and our belief in the Colorado machines,” Glen Francis, CMYKhub national communications manager, told Sprinter.

 “We’ve been rapt with the two machines that we have already. We bought our first machine at PacPrint in Melbourne and bought the second machine 12 months later because it was just a work horse and we loved it. It’s also a great partnership that we have with Currie Group and we love working with them.”

Dirk Brouns, vice president large format graphics, Canon Production Printing, said the company was thrilled with the purchase from CMYKhub.

“CMYKhub run high production volume and that is exactly what these systems are designed for. They are really going to benefit from the next evolution,” said Brouns.

Craig Nethercott, managing director of Canon Production Printing Oceania, said the partnership is an amazing opportunity for Canon. “We’re really looking forward to a long-term partnership with CMYKhub,” said Nethercott.

Canon also announced a free five-year warranty, which covers everything but the print heads, for machines purchased at drupa.  “They’re great machines anyway, and they are reliable, but we certainly wanted to take advantage of this offer while at drupa,” said Francis.

Dayne Nankervis, CEO of CMYKhub, told Sprinter the company has been in discussions with Canon for two years. “It’s not an overnight decision and building relationships with the Canon team has really helped this process.

“We don’t work with companies lightly – it takes time and Canon has proven that they work well with us so we’re adding them into the fold, and they’ll be joining other brands in our business that have been with us long-term.

“We’re very loyal to the brands that we work with, and for us when it comes to working with a new brand it’s a combination of things that we look for, and a big part of that is the people in that company.

“Canon has good local staff, good support from their senior leaders in Europe, and they’re technology has proven to be very good and they’re future vision and we’re they’re heading matches our business.

“One of the main reasons why we’ve been partners with Currie Group for 10 years is that they continue to service you after you buy the machine. We’ve bought machines off Paul Whitehead and he calls us every day after that. It’s not just about the sale, he maintains the relationship.”

Alan Nankervis, national wide format manager at CMYKhub, told Sprinter the company is looking to roll out more Colorado machines across its sites nationally.

“We feel the Colorado model sits on an island. No one else is producing at this speed and quality in this format and that’s great for us and it really fits our model.

“We currently have seven Mimaki machines at end of life. We have them in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, and Perth, and our one in Melbourne was retired last week.

“They have served us really well and we’ve been really happy with their technology for the time that we’ve had them but as they’ve gone to end of life we need to start moving on, which is why we’re going to invest into Colorados in all our sites. These machines are much faster and turn out more work, so we probably don’t need as many as we had Mimakis but we’re going to put them into all our sites, which will produce the same work nationally for our customers.

“Currie Group’s investment in wide format has also been great for us. We’ve purchased a lot of wide format products from them and their investment in service staff to keep those machines running is big for us. This is as big of an investment in Currie Group as it is in Canon for us.”


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