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Currie Group: Digital finishing in the driver’s seat

In Australia’s commercial pressroom, digital printing and finishing is flourishing in areas where flexibility, versatility and run length are no longer a trade-off with speed and quality.

Currie Group’s Managing Director, Bernie Robinson, recently discussed Currie Group’s range of finishing options as part of a broader article on Digital Printing & Finishing technologies:-

Horizon’s iCE Binder BQ-500 is part of the iCE series which Robinson describes as a new product line designed to add value through a new operator interface for more intuitive operation and advanced automation to provide increased efficiency and productivity.

In addition, connecting with an iCE LiNK workflow system provides an advanced and totally connected work environment. Robinson sees the BQ-500 as the most productive binder for ‘book-of-one’ production. In addition, productivity is increased on longer runs with decreased set-up time and improved system efficiencies.

The finishing portfolio at Currie Group was featured in the Digital Printing & Finishing Technology Focus in the October issue of ProPrint, to read the full story click here.


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