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ePac installing two HP Indigo 25K Digital Presses

The new ePac digital flexible packaging plant in Melbourne is seeing two HP Indigo 25K digital flexible printing systems go in, with installation by Currie Group.

Mark Daws, Director - Labels & Packaging ANZ, Currie Group, said, “Since the launch of the HP Indigo 20000 in 2015 we’ve had considerable uptake of the technology in our region, which in turn has created the shift towards a digital transformation of the flexible packaging industry. Clearly there is a need from brands to have a localised supply chain, that offers the speed and agility to market that they require in today’s fast-moving world. The investment by ePac in the region only strengthens this shift, and we look forward to working with the local team in the coming months as they embark on this adventure.”


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