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New South Wales-based Summit Press Printing has installed an Horizon AFV-564FKT fully automatic folder, supplied by Currie Group, with the company praising its ease-of-use.

The company’s owner, Trent Willoughby, told Print21 that the new folder was installed as a replacement for a previous, older machine, which it had been using for the past 16 years, so upgrading to a new machine was the right choice. Willoughby said that as the previous one was also a Horizon from Currie Group, he knew it would be easy to change over, and that the new machine would have a lot of similarities. He said, “The reliability, consistency and quality of work on the Horizon folder has stood us in good stead over many years.” “It was easy to set up,” he said, adding that the folder is also easy to use, and that he can teach anybody to use it. “It’s made for anyone, even me,” he joked. The automated Horizon AFV-564FKT Folder is a 4-buckle folder with integrated knife/buckle cross-folding that contains 44 fully automated settings for improved efficiency, more operator-friendly production, and reduced waste and make-ready.

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