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Horizon Paper Folder Demo - 5 Folds, 5 Minutes!

Don’t Fear The Folder!

Explore Horizon's user-friendly technology in action as a newly trained Horizon employee effortlessly completes 5 different folds in just 5 minutes on the iCE FOLDER AFV-566FKT. Regardless of skill level, anyone can dive in and get things done.

【Demo Folds】

00:00 Intro 00:56 Folding Begins

01:13 Letter Fold

02:31 7 Panel Zig Zag Fold

03:17 8-Page Cross Fold

04:11 Open Gate Fold

05:09 16-Page Cross Fold

06:14 Closing Remarks

Key highlights include:

・Setup, changeovers, and fine adjustments within seconds.

・A newly trained operator handling the machine with ease.

・Wide range of folding templates for versatile production.

We hope you have a good time watching. Let's get folding!


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