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Horizon Three-Knife Variable Trimmer HT-1000V

Take variable trimming to the next level! Whether it be jobs with variable thicknesses or format sizes (both pre-trim and finish sizes), the Horizon HT-1000V three-knife trimmer allows users to achieve true variable trimming.

Additionally, barcode-driven setup allows for zero make ready and fully automated book-of-one production.

✅ High-speed trimming (1,000 cycles per hour)

✅ Productivity can be further enhanced by stacking books,

(i.e. 4-book stacks = 4,000 bks/hr)

✅ Barcode utilization allows for fully automatic job changeovers

✅ Trimming for variable thicknesses and format sizes

✅ Inline connectability allows for a more efficient workflow

✅ Ready to connect to iCE LINK


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