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HP Indigo launches PrintOS software suite

Today’s business environment requires Print Service Providers (PSPs) to produce more print jobs per day, with the highest quality and with highly competitive pricing. Advanced software solutions are an essential component in the success of every PSP and we recently announced HP Indigo’s expansion and increased focus on software solutions.

Since 2016, HP PrintOS has delivered over twenty leading-edge tools and apps 24x7 to help measure, streamline and manage print production. With over 22,000 registered users and 60,000 active sessions per week, HP PrintOS is the largest and most capable suite of advanced software tools in the print industry. To simplify and increase usage of PrintOS tools, HP Indigo recently announced the PrintOS Suite with four new Power Packs.

The new PrintOS Power Packs are designed to deliver new levels of value by grouping apps into key areas of business focus:

The Productivity Power Pack provides the data you need to measure and maximize press utilisation through real-time & historical production analytics, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics, and tools to automate job-level data reporting to your business systems.

The Quality Power Pack makes next-level HP Indigo print quality a competitive advantage by using proprietary color management technologies to help your production team deliver superior and consistent print results across jobs, media, presses, time, and sites.

The Creativity Power Pack helps you differentiate and add new levels of value through an unmatched, easy-to-use range of design and production composition tools to print one-of-a-kind creations that increase customer engagement and your margins.

The Automation Power Pack is your low-risk, scalable and easy to implement growth engine to seize e-commerce opportunities and connect to more brands by delivering 100s and even 1000s of orders per day with complete control.

The PrintOS Suite of Power Packs will be available on a subscription basis starting July 1st 2023.

Current subscriptions to premium applications on the PrintOS Marketplace will be available until the end of May 2023. If you have an active premium subscription, HP Indigo will contact you soon to discuss the migration to the Power Pack model. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact your account manager.

Click HERE for the full announcement.


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