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INKISH TV: Mathew Faulkner · Canon · PreDrupa · Replay

Mathew Faulkner and Morten B. Reitoft discuss the upcoming Drupa event and the significance of print technology. Faulkner expresses excitement about Drupa and praises the printed materials being produced for the event. Both reflect on the evolution and impact of inkjet technology, noting its importance and versatility in the industry.

Faulkner highlights Canon's advancements in wide-format printing, particularly the UV gel technology and the ability to produce both gloss and matte finishes in one workflow. He discusses the growth potential in digital print for interior decor, packaging, and other applications, emphasizing the opportunities for short runs, customization, and on-demand printing.

They also touch on the importance of automation and workflow efficiency in handling personalized print jobs and the role of Web2Print solutions. Mathew Faulkner explains Canon's booth at Drupa, which will feature a sensory experience showcasing the power of print to evoke emotions and transform businesses.

Faulkner delves into the emotional impact of print, referencing psychological theories and how print can create meaningful customer journeys. Reitoft appreciates Canon's innovative applications and encourages attendees to visit Canon's booth at Drupa.

The conversation ends with Faulkner expressing his enthusiasm for the event and its opportunities for the print industry.


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