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Payne Print & Sign Boots Finishing with new Horizon

Mackay-based Payne Print & Sign has installed a Horizon StitchLiner MKIII and a Horizon CRA-36BU Creaser, supplied by Currie Group, as it boosts its finishing power, with the company's workload continuing to grow.

Payne Print & Sign decided to purchase the two new pieces of kit to replace older machines, as well as increase capacity. Scott Mason, general manager of the company told Print21, "Over the past few years we haven’t stopped. We were fortunate enough to not suffer at the hands of the pandemic, and have continued to maintain growth into our 47th year of operations. We needed more efficient production power to keep ahead of the growing demand."

The Queensland company is a long-time Currie Group partner, so did not have to look far for its technology. Mason said, "Given the history shared with Currie Group, the Horizon brand was the trusted choice when upgrading. We have always found the support to be timely, which provides reassurance, with us being a regional business.

"The Horizon StitchLiner MKIII was an obvious choice, as this replaced our older StitchLiner, which was nearing end of life, after being installed back in 2008. The older model was a reliable piece of machinery, and we think the replacement will be equal to that if not better," he said, adding, "The staff have already noticed the reduced make-ready times, ease of operation and improved result in the end product, making the operators, and our clients, happy with the new addition."

Mason said the Horizon CRA-36BU creaser replaced an older creaser, which was becoming difficult and costly to maintain and repair.

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