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Scodix assessment reveals sustainability benefits in comparison to traditional print enhancement

Press release from the issuing company

The Scodix printing process significantly reduces CO2, fossil fuel usage and water consumption

Scodix, Israel – Scodix, the leading provider of digital embellishment solutions for the graphic arts industry, today announces its completion of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) detailing a comprehensive comparison of its process against traditional print embellishment and the impact on environment. Conducted by independent third parties, EcamRicert srl and Mérieux NutriSciences Companies, the LCA results highlight that the Scodix enhancement method achieves a reduction in impact and an improvement overall in sustainability for all the categories investigated.

The LCA compared the enhancement of a single B1 sheet through to 100,000 B1 sheets using Scodix foil (175g) with traditional foiling methods. The LCA results showed that Scodix’ technology reduces CO2e (CO2 equivalent) by 85%, fossil fuel usage by close to 85% and water consumption by 80% per B1 sheet, in comparison to traditional hot stamp foiling.

“Scodix is very proud to have achieved these remarkable Life Cycle Assessment results,” says Mark Nixon, Scodix EVP Global Sales & Marketing. "For many companies and brands an LCA Statement of Position is now a requirement for winning certain contracts. As such, it was important we attain a Life Cycle Assessment from a credible body, so businesses can confidently invest in Scodix technology to provide leading brands and print buyers with a greener print embellishment process.

Read the full release HERE on WhatTheyThink


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