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Scodix : Recipients of the Scodix Design Awards 2021 Announced

The winners of the Scodix 2021 Design Awards for digitally enhanced print. Submitting jobs from every continent across the world, Scodix customers demonstrated the best of what the printing industry has to offer across the globe. An expert panel of judges selected winners based on design quality, application excellence and specialty of the print.

Eli Grinberg, Scodix CEO, states, “In keeping with tradition, we are excited to announce the winning submissions for this year’s competition. Even during the pandemic, and the difficult circumstances surrounding it, we are committed to upholding this contest to give our customers a global stage to promote their work. To every customer that participated, Scodix thanks you.”

Grinberg adds, “The 2021 Design Awards, as in previous contests, was made extremely difficult to judge due to the breadth of outstanding work. I am humbled to see and touch the amazing creations submitted and am deeply proud of the ingenuity our customers demonstrate in the way they use Scodix enhancement technology. I thank the Scodix family of customers for their continued patronage and great sportsmanship. In conclusion, I say simply well-done to this year’s winners.”

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