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Scodix Ultra 6000 Press Powered by SHD to Make European Debut at Hunkeler

Scodix, Israel – Scodix, the world’s leading provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, will showcase its Ultra 6000 Press powered by Smart High Definition (SHD) for the first time in Europe at Hunkeler Innovationdays from February 27th to March 2nd.

The Scodix Ultra 6000 Press delivers phenomenal embellishment results for a range of products, including book covers, luxury packaging and commercial print products. Focus at Hunkeler will be embellishment solutions on offset B1 and B2 sheet formats demonstrating the economics and productivity to replace analogue embellishment technology, whilst offering publishers greater flexibility to enhance a wide variety of book covers from paperback books to high-end book jackets. In addition, the Scodix will show it’s SHD technology that offers a breakthrough in high-definition, finest clarity and delicate detailing for eye catching results.

“Scodix is thrilled to be debuting the Ultra 6000 Press powered by SHD at Hunkeler Innovationdays,” says Mark Nixon, Scodix EVP Global Sales & Marketing. “The 6000 press is already selling well, and we’re keen for publishers to experience all the advantages that come with it. Scodix products deliver an incredible combination of economic, sustainable and efficient solutions to take the printers and publishers to the next level of enhancement.”

The Scodix Ultra 6000 Press also enables a fast return on investment, with refined, elegant enhancement increasing the perceived value of books and making otherwise inconceivable short runs not only possible, but economical too – replacing the need for hot or cold foiling, and a host of other enhancements, all on one platform.

Nixon adds, “In the face of increasing online purchases and the popularity of personalized books, the publishing industry continues to require smaller job runs and faster time-to-market. Clearly digital enhancement is an excellent solution for those challenges, but with the large format of the Scodix Ultra 6000 and virtually zero makeready time, publishers can also match the productivity of their analogue systems.”

As environmental impact is increasingly essential to the industry, Scodix is committed to delivering more sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly processes within its presses and digital enhancements. This includes eliminating VOC emissions and removing the need for metal-based stamps/clichés, chemicals, and solvents, while also reducing overall energy consumption.


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