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Sprinter: Tango Visuals wins first Arizona sale for Currie Group

Currie Group has confirmed the first Arizona sale to Melbourne-based signage and POS company – Tango Visuals.

According to Currie Group business unit manager, sign & display, Paul Whitehead, the deal emphasises the importance of the partnership with Canon Production Printing Australia.

This is the first Arizona for Currie Group, and shows in a short period of time both in the relationship with Canon Production Printing Australia and the standing that Currie Group have in the industry.

“To get an Arizona sale is a very strategic achievement for us as well as collaborating with the right customer to move forward is very important and we appreciate the trust that Tango Visuals has put into Currie Group.

It is good to work with a very professional outfit that know what they are doing, and it also goes hand in hand with what we do at Currie Group and the previous history with Canon Production Printing who supported us through the sale.

As a high quality producer, Tango Visuals uses high quality products and the outcome they will experience with the Arizona will be very strong. In terms of the values of the organisations – Currie Group, Tango Visuals and Canon Production Printing – we all hold customer satisfaction very high – so it is a perfect outcome for all three businesses.

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