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Workflow/MIS software tools deliver on multiple fronts

By HP APJ industrial Regional Solution Architect, Dennis Choo

The future of workflow/MIS tech aims to streamline operations, boost productivity

and adapt to industry shifts.

Workflow/MIS systems are necessary in today’s print shops as these platforms offer centralised hubs for data management, collaboration and real-time access. Automated workflows optimise repetitive tasks, freeing resources for strategic activities. This accelerates task completion, cuts operational costs and heightens productivity.

Software tools foster seamless team communication, aiding remote collaboration and swift decision-making. Moreover, software-based analytics provide insights, uncovering workflow bottlenecks and improvement opportunities.

The primary criteria for an efficient workflow/MIS system include aligning with business needs, tackling specific challenges, aiding decision-making and boosting efficiency.

Another key aspect of a good workflow/MIS system is scalability and flexibility, allowing for the adaptation to workflow changes, data volume and technology advancements. In addition, prioritising a user-friendly interface and having comprehensive training ensures optimal adoption and utilisation.

In the recent year, workflow/MIS evolution has been spurred by changing work dynamics. The surge in remote work has expedited the adoption of Cloud-based solutions, enabling collaboration across various locations.

To address remote work challenges, cybersecurity measures have been reinforced to safeguard sensitive data.

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