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Currie Group are able to offer an extensive range of SAVA blankets suitable for your requirements, no matter the press type or function. Currie Group are also able to offer a complete cutting & barring facility which enables us to manufacture blankets to a client's specific needs.

SAVA Advantage Blanket range are manufactured with the latest in technology using a Radial Core, new compressible layer coupled with this radial cord carcass Improves durability, offers excellent shock absorption and rapid recovery which reduces stretching and Improves smash resistance. Highly recommended for the packaging Industry where up to a proven 30% lifespan increase can be expected.

SAVA also offer the Privilege range of blanket using new compressible layer technology. Resists solvent penetration, reduces the risk of delamination.

We can offer blankets for the below printing processes:
• Conventional
• UV Compatible
• Coating Strippable
• ISEGA CERTIFIED for Food Packaging

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