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Cripps Visit Underlines EFI & Currie Group Commitment

Brett Addison (EFI) Paul Whitehead (Currie Group) Paul Cripps (EFI) Chris Morrison(EFI)

According to Wikipedia, there are 195 countries in the world. Paul Cripps has now visited half of them, with his new role as EFI’s new Vice President for EMEA Sales bringing him to Australia in February to visit local customers and catch up with channel partner, Currie Group.

American by birth, Cripps moved regularly as a child and his long career, including 20 years with EFI and Fiery, has taken him across Europe and the Americas, the Middle East and Africa and now, finally, to Australia.

The whirlwind visit took in EFI installations at businesses from Queensland to Melbourne, and a full-day visit to meet with the team from Currie Group, which took on representation for EFI’s digital inkjet printing portfolio in 2021.

“EFI has an innovative customer focus. By partnering with a leading local supplier who can offer the benefits of strong market knowledge, service and support,” Cripps explains.

“Currie Group is second to none in this regard and we are certainly grateful to have such a powerful partner, who is so aligned with us in helping our customers continue to innovate, capitlise on new markets, and develop new revenue streams.”

In a nutshell, Cripps’ new challenge is to use his extensive market knowledge and deep experience and understanding of the company to empower EFI’s local representatives, including Currie Group, to provide that support more effectively for their customers now and into the future.

Click HERE to read the full story in Visual Impact Magazine.


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