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ePS and HP show fruits of collaboration at Dscoop Edge

eProductivity Software (ePS) and HP have unveiled the product of a year’s collaboration between the two brands, with ePS’ Pace ERP now integrated with HP Indigo presses.

The integration of HP machinery with ePS software was first announced at 2022’s Dscoop Edge Rockies event for HP Graphic Arts customers, and has now been put on show at 2023’s St Louis Dscoop Edge World Expo.

ePS said the new software represented a significant step towards achieving a touch-free workflow for printers using HP hardware.

The two manufacturers have publicised a trial run of the integrated software, using ePS’ Midmarket Print Suite – built on top of the developer’s Pace ERP – with Point B Solutions, an American printer based in Minneapolis.

Click HERE to read the full story on Printweek.


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