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FPLMA Forum and Awards : 2-3 March 2023

The FPLMA 2022 Print Awards will be held on the evening of March 3. These represent the centre of excellence for the packaging industry and Currie Group is proud to be a corporate sponsor.

The awards show what can be achieved by dedicated and passionate people that take pride in the work they do, striving to achieve the highest print quality using the wide range of technology available today.

Join fellow industry members in congratulating the winners of these prestigious awards.

Whether you are a brand owner, printer, buyer, senior management, printing industry partner, training organisation or an associated worldwide FTA, the Forum will help you understand and plan strategies to:

*Maintain security and avoid disruption in you supply chain.

*Appreciate the consequences of the brain drain on short-and long term labour shortages.

*Ensure sustainability in a changing marketplace.

*Recognise the importance of establishing standards.

*Take advantage of trends and new technology driving innovation.


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