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Horizon iCE StitchLiner Mark IV

The iCE STITCHLINER Mark IV is Horizon's latest iCE Series sheet-to-booklet saddlestitching system, it allows users to stay ahead of competition amidst book-of-one market trends by streamlining the process of short to medium run booklet production.

Solution Highlights:

◾️ High level automation and quality

◾️ Fast 6,000 bk/hr cycle speed

◾️ Zero makeready variable thickness stitching

◾️ User friendly operation with intuitive control panel

◾️ Wide variety of possible booklet formats (like A4 landscape)

◾️ Flexible system configuration: wide selection of options for feeding and delivery ◾️ iCE LiNK connectivity for offsite job/machine status visibility, productivity analysis and workflow automation


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