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Sprinter: Currie Group confirms first Colorado M-series sale to Fleetmark

Currie Group has confirmed the sale of the first Colorado machine following the partnership with Canon Production Printing Australia.

The sale to Melbourne-based Fleetmark was confirmed at the recent event in Sydney hosted at the Currie Group Demonstration Centre.

“Fleetmark has purchased the first Canon Colorado M5W under the Currie Group banner to complement their truck curtain business in Melbourne where they also use two EFI machines – so this brings everything under one room in terms of service and support,” said Currie Group business unit manager for sign & display, Paul Whitehead.

“Fleetmark have been traditionally in vehicle graphics and known for their truck curtains and truck graphics. We have done a lot of work with Fleetmark previously with their existing EFI portfolio. They have seen how Currie Group works from a service and support perspective and they have traditionally worked with other technologies in the 64-inch space. “To complement that type of work and the increased workload, they have seen the Colorado technology and fell in love with it.

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