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WhatTheyThink : HP Indigo Holds its Annual Global VIP Event 2023

Showcasing an Unrivaled Portfolio, and Continues Driving the Print Industry Toward an “Indigo First Mindset”

Press release from the issuing company

“Automatic, innovative and versatile technology solutions of the latest HP Indigo NPIs, series 5 and series 6, drive the digital print transformation to new heights”

Ness Ziona, Israel - HP Indigo is holding today its annual global VIP event at its center in Israel, showcasing new presses and solutions, and inviting offset and flexo PSPs and converters to jump on the digital bandwagon, along with existing customers who will also witness the latest innovations.

The company will open its R&D and manufacturing facilities in its Ness Ziona and Kiryat Gat campuses to customers and partners, to demonstrate how HP Indigo solutions drive innovation, versatility and automation which make its customers Future Ready and keeps them a step ahead of the market.

“We are excited to host so many offset PSPs and flexo converters who are meeting our technology for the first time, as well as our current customers whose growth faster than their competition markets is a direct result of Indigo’s blue ocean LEP technology,” said Noam Zilbershtain, VP & General manager of HP Indigo & Scitex. “New platforms, like smart phones, or food delivery applications, create brand-new demand. This is also true for the print world. Our customers build new businesses based on our technology, indicating to other players in the field that it’s time to make the move and Go Indigo.”

“A wise author once said: Only those who dare may fly,” added Zilbershtain. “As an industry leader with a global presence, HP Indigo can provide businesses a degree of resilience during a challenging economic atmosphere. The combination of state-of-the-art presses and advanced software with industry best practices position us to help the print world become Future-Ready. “

Customers visiting the event will have an opportunity to hear keynote speakers and peer panels, experience hands-on demonstrations and interactive exhibits, and enjoy exclusive networking opportunities.

“Companies that invested in technology during a crisis were three times more successful than the rest of the market after the crisis was over”, said Keren Yakolev, HP Indigo’s Head of Product and Strategy, quoting a recent Bain study published in Forbes Magazine. “At HP Indigo, automatic, innovative and versatile technology solutions drive the digital transformation to new heights.”

Event participants will view a full demonstration of HP Indigo’s V12 digital press, recently installed at several beta sites globally. By nearly eliminating the traditional breakeven point between conventional and digital printing, this press extends digital agility to mid and longer runs, enabling customers to adopt an ‘Indigo First’ mindset. This approach builds on the constantly expanding bank of solutions HP Indigo offers PSPs and converters, which makes going digital more essential all the time. The V12 features HP Indigo’s groundbreaking LEPx technology, which increases productivity and profitability.

“Our experience indicates that two V12 presses can replace 8 Flexo presses,” said HP Indigo beta customer Jeremy Letterman, Chief Operations Officer at Brook & Whittle. “It is a total gamechanger.”

In the event’s commercial floor space, HP Indigo will be focusing on the HP Indigo 100K, 15K and 7K, market leading digital presses. In FY 2022, the company’s B2 presses broke a record as they printed nearly 25B impressions, which represent an increase of more than 15% from the previous year. Commercial PSP guests at the VIP Event will enjoy a full demonstration of enhanced capabilities of the industry-disruptive HP Indigo 100K Digital Press. Combining the best of both offset and digital capabilities, this B2 press enables a real offset conversion and drives substantial, profitable growth. To date, the 100K press is already setting new standards with more than 100 customers having reported output of 100K impressions in an 8-hour-shift.

“We have shown a 40% increase in revenue one year after installing the HP Indigo 100K,” said Brian Scott, President of Chicago-based Blooming Color.

Anthony Thirlby, JDP Managing Director, said about the 100K digital press: “It allowed us to grow hugely in general commercial print products in the UK market.” Moreover, Thirlby explained the value of the hybrid production floor: “In our business today, we run a hybrid manufacturing model, both digital and analog. We would not be able to succeed without both these technologies, and LEP is the only digital technology that enables this mode by being offset-matching.”

In the packaging world, HP Indigo continues to disrupt the market, introducing new features and enhancements. In the coming days, guests to the event will experience the first ever live demonstrations of the new HP Indigo 200K digital press, launched today, at work. The 200K is based on the only proven technology for on-demand, sustainable flexible packaging, and presents a dramatic step-up of 30% in speed and 45% in productivity, featuring the end-to-end Digital Pouch Factory solution. The 200K digital press opens new business opportunities of longer runs and more varied job baskets, making digital disruption more competitive and appealing to early adopter analog converters.

At the same time, the HP Indigo 35K digital press is disrupting the legacy folding carton market with high quality short runs, and PrintOS operating system tools perfecting every aspect of the print process. With over 100 presses installed WW serving the Folding Carton Market, the HP Indigo 35K Digital press is showing inspiring results in the field, with several multi press sites and two global players.

“The end customer buys the Box, not necessarily the content,” said Amir Yunik, COO at Beeri. “With the HP Indigo 35K, print quality exceeded our customers’ expectations, and positioned them well above the competition. We were looking for our best fit solution for over 4 years, and with the Indigo 35K we feel we found it”

But at the end of day, in today’s world, great presses are not enough. The HP Indigo PrintOS print operating system ushers in the digital transformation by adding a higher level of quality, creative, productivity and automation tools to the evolving print market. These innovative solutions allow customers to digitize their production floor. The HP Indigo PrintOS mobile application is used on a daily basis by 1,500 customers worldwide, all of whom measure their productivity in a simple and unified way. Site Flow has led to growth of 242% in print volume since 2019; and Spot Master has seen a 105% growth in adoption during 2022.

“Automation is the key to Alexander’s rapid growth. We rely on HP’s automated color management, APIs and PrintOS workflow architecture every day to deliver the highest quality products, faster and more efficiently than ever before,” said Dan Mortimer, Chief Technology Officer at Alexander’s.


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