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ABG Non-Stop Unwinder

ABG's market-leading unwind technology is helping to deliver enhanced product quality all around the world. This combined with the improved productivity and reduced material waste means the NSU is the perfect partner for any label press. ABG Non-stop unwinders are configurable in both narrow and wide web formats to increase productivity and efficiency in the printing and converting processes as well as reduce waste with the nonstop feeding of web materials. The NSU is compatible with both the Digicon Series 3 and Omega converters as well as other non-ABG machines. Non-stop production is achieved by automatically butt splicing the leading roll edge of a new roll to the trailing end of the current, running roll without any drop in process speed. The machine is highly efficient and ensures as little roll material is wasted as possible during this process. The NSU is fully compatible with ABG's camera inspection technology to further ensure product quality and further improve the capabilities of this already highly capable machine.

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